Father Arrested After Cable Technician Finds Body Of Decomposed Toddler In Crib

Eric Warfel, 34, Is being held on a $1 million bond after the body of his 21 month old daughter, Ember, was found “badly decomposed” in her crib at his apartment. According to WSPA, a cable technician discovered the little girl’s body while working inside Warfel’s home to upgrade his cable service. After the cable installer called police, Warfel reportedly admitted he’d put bags of trash in the little girl’s room to help mask the stench of the body. It was believed she had been left there for at least one month.

The father told officials Ember had died on June 18, but that he hadn’t told anyone. He then reportedly moved into a motel with his seven-year-old daughter. After he and his wife, Malinali Galdamez, divorced, Warfel was apparently granted sole custody of the children. WSPA Reports that the couple had another baby who died in 2013 at the age of five months – the cause of death was ruled “sudden unexplained infant death” after the end it was taken to the hospital in cardiac arrest.

Warfel’s Ex-wife reportedly had substance abuse problems, which may be why Warfel was granted full custody. She reportedly now lives in New York. Warfel Has been charged with abuse of a corpse – a fifth degree felony. Additional charges are expected to come.