Man Dies After Holding In Farts In His Girlfriend’s House

Argentina.- Jorge Caradeculito went to visit his girlfriend and had lunch with her and her mother. Unfortunately, the food was not was he was used to eat. Shortly after, he had the need to start farting, but he didn’t want to have an embarrassing moment in his girlfriend’s house, so he managed to hold them in.

At around 8 p.m., George fell to the ground, holding his stomach. His girlfriend called an ambulance and drove him to the hospital. Unfortunately, they couldn’t do anything to save him and he died an hour later.

The reason? According to Dr. Jesus Cazares, who examined Jorge in the emergency room, the young man had diverticula in the large intestine, which are caused by the retention of gases for long periods of time, which caused him a peritonitis, and later, his death.