Obama Signs Emergency Order For Military Removal of All Assault Rifles from American Citizens With Force If Needed

A Martial Law emergency executive order was signed by President Obama Friday morning, urging the American people to “peacefully hand over their assault rifles and magazines.” In the wake of the sniper shooting in Dallas, Texas that left 12 police officer shot and 5 dead, the President says we must do something to prevent this from happening again. His solution: Disarm the American people.

In a conference Friday morning, Pres. Obama addressed the issue of assault rifles: “If we really want law enforcement to help protect the American people from homegrown extremists of all kinds, from the kind of tragedies that have occurred in San Bernardino, Orlando and now here in Texas there is a meaningful way to do that. We have to make it harder for people who want to kill Americans. We have to stop them from getting their hands on weapons of war that kill thousands of innocent people. We know there are common sense steps that can reduce gun violence and we can reduce the lethality of somebody who intends to do someone harm. We need to give ATF the resources they need to enforce an assault rifle ban and enforce the gun laws we already have.”

Shortly after his speech, Pres. Obama signed an emergency executive order giving the ATF and the United States military the authority to remove assault rifles and magazines from the hands of US citizens that are in possession of them. The order also states that if the citizen is unwilling to hand over the gun, “discretional¬†force” may be used. According to the order, the ATF and the US military will begin going door to door to citizens homes that are registered handgun owners. They feel that this is the first step in finding as many assault rifles as they can, as assault rifles are not required to be registered.