Onscreen Legend, Betty White, Dead at the Age of 95

America is mourning the death of the last ‘Golden Girl’ as reports were just released that she died peacefully in her Los Angeles home this morning around 5 AM. The actress, who has worked in show business since the 1940s and was best known for her role as the sweet and clueless Rose on “The Golden Girls,” just attended a party last evening and seemed to be doing well.

Friends close to her say her last hours were definitely ones to remember. According to them, Betty “went out with a bang” celebrating until early morning hours. “She was dancing with younger men all night long,” said her close friend Sandra Willis. “I told her she should rest for a while, or maybe slow dance with someone her own age. That’s when she pulled me aside and said this: ‘Sandra, I’ve always liked older men. They’re much more attractive to me. But at my age, there aren’t that many left – so leave me the hell alone and let me have fun!’ So I left her alone, and this is what happens. I’m just so sad.”

The coroner’s office has not confirmed whether there were any drugs or alcohol involved. For now, they have confirmed the cause of death to simply be ‘old age.’ You can watch the touching tribute to Betty White on E! this Thursday at 7 PM PST. ~ R.I.P. Betty