First BLACKS ONLY Restaurant Opens On Boat In Mississippi

Biloxi, MS –  A new controversial restaurant has opened on the river of Biloxi, Mississippi and it has many of its residents up in arms. Reparation Station is a new “Blacks Only” restaurant, the first of its kind since the Civil Rights Act of 1964 ended all state and local laws requiring segregation.

However, due to a ‘reparations grant’ hidden deep inside the pages of the reparations bill (S.1083) which allows black business owners to receive funding, this restaurant is NOT illegal. According to the reparations grant, African-American business owners can receive this funding and are exempt from any type of discrimination laws. The bill states, “Any African-American US citizen that receives funding from this project is exempt from U.S. code Title 42, chapter 21. Instead, they are free to choose who they allow into their establishments, per reparations grant of 2019.”

U.S. code Title 42, chapter 21 prohibits discrimination against persons based on age, disability, gender, race, national origin, and religion in a number of settings – including education, employment, access to businesses and buildings and federal services.

Reparation Station opened on June 10, 2019 and the owner says he is not going to allow any white people into his restaurant ever. “Finally, I don’t have to deal with these damn crack-a-dee ass crackers looking at me sideways,” said Jerome Willis, owner of Reparation Station. “Now they can see how it feels. Now when we eat, we can talk loud without anyone telling us to ‘hush’ and we can eat how we wanna eat. If I wanna eat fried chicken and watermelon I don’t want some white crazy cracker looking at me like ‘Yep I knew he was gonna order that.'”

Donald Trump vowed to crush the reparations grant law quicker than he can build a wall around Mexico.