Woman Finds Aborted Fetus Foot In Her Applebee’s Salad

Paso Robles, CA –  A pregnant California woman has filed a claim saying she found a bloody aborted fetus foot in her salad at an Applebee’s restaurant in Paso Robles. Kathy Martina told reporters that she was with her husband and child at the restaurant last month when she discovered the baby foot and her dish.

The family says they had all shared her Chinese chicken salad before finding the bloody foot. “It was so gross,” said Martina. “I’m on pins and needles worrying about what my family might have been exposed to.”

Attorney Erica Tarantino says the manager confirmed the aborted fetus foot came from a distraught employee who had apparently miscarried in the bathroom just one hour prior to the incident. The employee also admitted to giving herself a makeshift abortion with a coat hanger in her apartment the night before.

An Applebee’s spokesperson said the employee, who is remaining anonymous, has volunteered to undergo blood screening as well as a psychiatric evaluation. No criminal charges have been brought against the employee thus far. However, the investigation is still pending as to how the foot got into the salad.