Miley Cyrus Butt Implant Ruptures After Fall During Los Angeles Show

LOS ANGELES, CA –  Miley Cyrus’ performance in Los Angeles at the Wiltern on Thursday night turned tragic during a stage prop mishap that sent her tumbling to the ground. As she jumped on her grand piano to do a few “raunch and bumotious moves,” the leg of the piano gave out sending her to the ground.

Miley was said to have crawled to the nearest wall, and has her coordinator ran out to assist her, they discovered she had an unimaginable injury. Miley’s right butt implant ruptured, sending excruciating pain running down her legs and upper back. According to reports, Miley was frozen in fear but was carried off stage without any further injury.


She was rushed to a nearby Los Angeles hospital where they performed emergency surgery to remove the ruptured implant. According to sources close to the entertainer, they made a critical decision to remove both of the implants for safety reasons. There has not been any word yet whether they will be replaced or enhanced in the future. Miley was released from the hospital on Friday morning and was said to be in good spirits. There are currently no more upcoming show dates for 2016.