‘Free Abortions’ Offered To Hispanic Women Through New Welfare Benefit

free_abortionLOS ANGELES – With much talk being focused on building walls at the border and illegal immigration, you have to wonder if these “free abortions” are somehow connected to the desire to ‘thin out’ the undocumented Hispanic race in America. It was just announced in August that a new government provided benefit will allow Hispanic women, documented and undocumented, to have free abortions at any Planned Parenthood across the country.

The requirements are not like the standard welfare requirements. These women can make up to $35,000 a year as a single woman, or $55,000 a year as a married couple. They are not required to currently be on any welfare program, nor do they need to apply for any other benefits. To apply, they only need to go to their local Planned Parenthood clinic with 30 days worth of pay stubs and an identification card and proceed with the medical forms and paperwork. Most women find they are approved immediately.

So why Hispanic women only? Hidden in the 2012 amendment of the “Dream Act” (Development Relief and Education for Alien Minors) is a clause that allows hispanic women unlimited free abortions. You have to ask yourself why this program, which stopped deportation of young undocumented individuals, would provide such a service to undocumented as well as documented Hispanic women. When asked, former Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer commented that “they were providing a service to women who could not afford to raise their children without welfare assistance and women at risk for deportation.”

Although this bill was passed in 2012, it was just brought forth publicly in August 2015. Since the official announcement of the application process in August, Planned Parenthood has a performed 64,987 free abortions on hispanic women through this government funded program.