Rob Kardashian’s Sadistic Weight Loss Secret Revealed In Shocking Tell-All

kanye-west-rob-kardashian copyCelebrity news magazines have been raving over the success of Rob Kardashian’s weight loss. But with his big comeback, comes rumors of shocking, brutal tactics used to get him back in shape. “It’s Kanye working his magic,” a source tells US Magazine, referring to Rob and his 15 pound weight loss. “He’s been a great motivator for Rob. He told Rob how he got into shape after his accident and at a time when he was down in his life.”

But it’s Kanye’s “magic” that a source close to the family is calling brutal and sadistic. This source states that Kanye used the same “motivator” that got him into shape after an accident that he had in 2002 that left his jaw broken in three places. According to the source: Kanye allegedly, with Rob’s permission, hit Rob in the jaw to purposely break it to stop him from eating. The attack was so severe, it left Rob’s jaw broken in four places, requiring the attendance of the Kardashian’s personal doctor who arrived at the home to mend the injury.

 “I’ve never seen something so sadistic in my entire life,” the source told reporters. “He was black and blue for weeks, only able to drink out of a straw, that was the ‘magic’ Kanye and Rob keep bragging about. I think it’s sick.” According to reports, Rob was restricted to liquid meals only for eight weeks. The family is apparently very happy with Rob’s turnaround that the self-declared 2020 presidential candidate “helped” him with. According to the source, Kanye is “Already Chief of State with the Kardashians.”